You Said... We Did


You Said...

We Did

You wanted more opportunities to come into school and see your child's classroom.



We provided opportunities every half term to come into school to take part in cafe events, collective worship and spend time in class 

Give you opportunities to make appointments with your classteacher every afternoon

You wanted better communication.




We will provide regular newsletters (monthly, on a Friday) and update our website


Use our school management system to send text reminders and messages

Classes have a website page each linked to their learning, also with a newsletter


Use school Facebook page to give reminders or ask questions

All teaching staff outside at the beginning and end of the day

You wanted better support from staff with behaviours of children Children's positive and negative behaviours receive attention in line with our behaviour policy. This can be found on the policy page. We will put some more information on the newsletters in coming weeks.

You wanted a parental voice

We advertised for a parent governor


We asked for volunteers for our Ethos Group


We asked for anyone creative to help with displays in school

We asked for volunteers to help hear our children read

You wanted more opportunities to have your say

Parent view questionnaires termly - latest responses here.

Parent feedback from parents evening termly

Parent view from written reports twice per year

Parent governor vacancy advertised (September 2023)

You wanted secure, regular staff


We have a full staff - giving clear, consistent messages and information


Each class has a regular class teacher


Each class has their own webpage, and a termly newsletter sent home via Google Classroom


Appointments can be made to meet formally with teachers or Senior Leaders through the office

You wanted better morning supervision


Children remain with their parent until 8:35 when staff collect children from their various entrances around school


Staff are spread out to monitor behaviours and games


Difficulties/issues can be reported and dealt with - immediately, where possible


You want more clubs within the school day

Staff are running various lunchtime clubs for children of any age, including French, Art, Drawing, Story, IT and this will rotate during the school year to allow every child to attend if they wish.


Currently the school field is out of action following the building work, but the children are able to use the trim trail and gym equipment regularly.





We want to be part of the school community

We work alongside the heritage centre, and other community groups


We give opportunities to be part of class learning - with cafe's and collective worship


We will be offering additional activities to parents and families.


We have local community members on our governing body and ethos group

Church visitors come into school at least 6 times per term, and also when school holds a collective worship in the chuch



That school discos should take place on a Friday


The next disco dates are all Fridays or at the end of a term




That you would like more opportunities to look at your children’s work

Invite parents and family to Class Worship on a Monday (rolling rota) and ask that you stay on in class until 10:15 to see how learning takes place and how your child is getting on



That you wanted more ‘competitive’ features


Race to read, team points, attendance and gold awards comparisons



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