We have a new, topic based, curriculum in place for this academic year (2018/19). Click on the class name to access it to find out what we've got planned: Turtle Class, Dolphin Class, Elephant Class, Polar Bear Class and Tiger Class

Within Reception and Key Stage 1 we use 'Jolly Phonics' and 'Letters and Sounds' in teaching phonics. The reading scheme we use is 'Oxford Reading Tree' which is then supplemented by other texts and parts of schemes. For further information please see our English and Phonics policy.

Our RE curriculum has recently been updated. Click here to access it.

Handwriting Focus

From January 2018 we are having a whole school handwriting focus. Children across the school will be working towards writing in a cursive style. 

The National Curriculum 2014 places a clear emphasis on handwriting and outlines its importance in the development of children’s compositional skills:

Pupils who do not learn to read and write fluently and confidently are, in every sense, disenfranchised (‘Purpose of Study’ p13)

Pupils should develop the stamina and skills to write at length, with accurate spelling and punctuation. (6.3 Language and literacy - Reading and Writing)

Writing also depends on fluent, legible and, eventually, speedy handwriting. (Programmes of study and attainment targets - Aims of English p15)

(National Curriculum 2014)

As a school we believe that handwriting is a skill that, like reading and spelling, affects written communication across the curriculum. Handwriting should be an automatic process which frees pupils to focus on the content of the writing.


The School has adopted the cursive script as the style which will be taught and modelled to the children in lessons, written feedback and on displays in and around the school. Cursive handwriting teaches pupils to join letters and words as a series of flowing movements and patterns. This helps children to write clearly, fluently and quickly so that they can cope with the everyday demands of life and school.  



Children in Reception will be taught to form letters correctly with lead in lines. Once pupils have mastered accurate letter formation they will be encouraged to begin joining.

Children in KS1 and Early Years have daily handwriting practise as part of their early morning work and phonics sessions. Pupils in KS2 have 3 x 15 minute sessions weekly.

Please see our Handwriting Policy for further information.

In October 2017 we were awarded a bronze award by The Woodland Trust's Green Tree Schools.

In July 2017 we were awarded the Silver School Games mark for our PE and sports during the year 2016-17.


We are hoping to go for Gold this year!


World Orienteering Day - Wednesday 11th May 2016

year 6 boys working well as a team.    year 1 girls finding the image a challenge.

St Peter & St Paul Carbrooke were the only school in Norfolk to take part in World Orienteering Day.

88 Pupils at St Peter and St Paul Primary Academy took part in World Orienteering day on Wednesday 11th May and were the only Norfolk School to do so!

A photo orienteering course was set up using 26 obscure images from around the woodland, quite area and field such as padlock numbers, corners of signs and parts of the wooden benches. Teams of three were set off with a map, image and answer card and tasked to find a control where the image was taken. On finding it they had to record the letter displayed and return to base to be given a new image.

This was a real test of teamwork, observation and recording skills with the winning teams gaining 20 out of 26 check points in the time allowed.

The children worked their socks off and with out being told to spent the session sprinting between check points to try and gain the most! There was a real buzz about the field with teams working hard to figure out where the images were taken as Miss Reidie made it very tricky and even photographed the '91' on the snakes and ladders board which was very hard to find!

The day was part of a world wide Olympic Record attempt to try and get as many children and adults participating in orienteering activities in one day and to beat the 2003 record set in Switzerland of 207,979. To be part of the record our pupils used the same check points, score cards and course plan as those round the world. The number of participants, gender split and images of them competing have been submitted to the event officials to be included in the final count...our fingers are crossed to see if we broke the record!!

After the event all pupils received a World Orienteering Day Diploma from the International OrienteeringFederation (IOF) and were sign posted to the Norfolk Orienteering club and Active Norfolk taster days where they can be part of weekly orienteering events.

Well done to all involved.


Features of our Curriculum

The "Values led Curriculum"

Each half term a different value will be highlighted. The value will provide the backbone of our collective worship, as well as being something we celebrate through the wider taught curriculum.


All children from Year 3 to 6 participate in "Rugby for all". This programme,led by Wymondham RFC, is designed to offer our children'-

  • A chance to develop skills over time in our school sport
  • A sense of fair-play and camaraderie
  • High quality physical education
  • Competitive opportunities


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