Rhino Class (Nurture) - 2018/19

Children who attend our nurture group are members of Rhino Class.

They are supported in their learning by Mrs McGuinness and Mrs Sayar.

All of our classes this year are named after endangered animals.

African rhinos are divided into two species—the black rhino and the white rhino—living in open savanna and threatened by the illegal trade of their horn. Southern white rhinos, once thought to be extinct, now thrive in protected sanctuaries and are classified as Near Threatened. But the Northern white rhino subspecies is believed to be extinct in the wild and only a few captive individuals remain in a sanctuary in Kenya. Black rhinos have doubled in number over the past two decades from their low point of 2,480 individuals, but total numbers are still a fraction of the estimated 100,000 that existed in the early part of the 20th century. (WWF)

Rhinos - les rhinocéros (French)


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