Tiger Class (Yr 5/6) - 2018/19

Children in Years 5 and 6 are members of Tiger Class.

They are taught by Mr Chester and Mr Cunningham

and supported in class by Mrs Robertson and Mrs Marchesi.

All of our classes this year are named after endangered animals.

There could be as few as 3,890 tigers in the wild, most in isolated pockets spread across increasingly fragmented forests, stretching from India to southeastern China and from the Russian Far East to Sumatra, Indonesia. Largest of all cats, the tiger is one of the most threatened species on Earth. Tigers prefer to eat hoofed animals, but will also prey on fish, birds and even other predators like leopards and bears. These beautiful cats are threatened by growing human populations, loss of habitat, illegal hunting (of both tigers and their prey species) and expanded trade in tiger parts used as traditional medicines. (WWF)

Tigers - les tigres (French)

Summer Term 2019 - Timetable


Summer Term 2019 - Curriculum Overview

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