Elephant Class (Yr 3) - 2018/19

Children in Year 3 are members of Elephant Class.

They are taught by Ms Stone and supported in class by Mrs Read.

All of our classes this year are named after endangered animals.

African elephants are family-oriented animals with a complex social structure. There are two types of herds — females with their young and bachelor herds — and lone males. Females remain with their natal group for life, sharing responsibility for calves, and males leave the herd once they reach maturity. Elephants are a keystone species and dramatically affect their landscape. They are seed dispersers and influence forest composition, creating clearings to boost tree regrowth and reducing cover to create suitable habitat for browsing and grazing animals. (WWF)

Elephants - les éléphants (French)

Summer Term 2019 - Timetable 


Summer Term Curriculum Letter



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