Year 5/6 Cheetah Class – Autumn Term

Homework will be given out on a Monday to be returned by the following Monday. Spellings are tested every Monday.

This term PE is on Thursday. Swimming will be Tuesday mornings, for the first half term only.


Curriculum Overview


Autumn 1

Autumn 2


Information Texts – Planets in our Solar System

Narrative - E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Older Literature (narrative and poetry) -


Dramatic Conventions


Number and place value; Mental multiplication and division; Decimals, percentages and their equivalence to fractions; Fractions, ratio and proportion

Mental addition and subtraction; Written addition and subtraction; Measurement

Fractions, ratio and proportion; Geometry: properties of shapes;

Written multiplication and division;

Decimals, percentages and their equivalence to fractions; Problem solving, reasoning and algebra;


The Space Race

British History – The Victorians


Earth and Space



Online Safety

Scratch Animations


Word Classes

Word Classes


Space Art

Victorian Art



Christianity – People of God


All About Me

Games and Songs


























Please ensure that your child reads daily.

Please complete comprehension tasks when they are set.

Punctuation and grammar

Please complete the weekly grammar activity.


Please complete the weekly arithmetic questions.


Each week there will be questions linked to our weekly learning objectives.


Please help your child to practise their weekly spellings by encouraging them to use look, say, cover, write, check method on their sheet and then learn them by heart ensuring that they understand the rule and the meaning of the word. Children have 10 spellings to learn that either follow a rule or are exception words. These will be tested on Monday.

Other information

If you have any questions regarding homework, please do not hesitate to ask us or feel free to put a comment at the end of your child’s homework.

Thank you for your support,

Mr Cunningham and Mr Snowdon


Cheetah Class timetable Autumn 2



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