Chipmunk Class

Chipmunk Class news - Our caterpillars have grown from 1cm to a chubby 3.5cm in the last two weeks and are now safely transformed into chrysalides.  

Update - Thursday 25th May - they've emerged!  We have beautiful painted lady butterflies.  The children (and adults!) are very excited.  We now need to feed them for a couple of days until they are strong enough to fly away and look after themselves and begin the lifecycle all over again.  The children have been observing the caterpillars closely and writing a lifecycle diary each time something has changed.  

4th May - African Mask and Dance workshops.  As part of our topic, Children in Rabbit and Chipmunk classes enjoyed decorating a traditional African mask today.  We learnt about traditional painting, what masks were used for and what the different colours used represent.  Later we learnt a traditional dance which we performed with our masks.  Lots of fun was had by all.   


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