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Welcome to the Rabbit Class page. We are a mixed class of Reception and Year 1 children. Our class teacher is called Mrs de Souza. We have two teaching assistants in our class, called Mrs Turner and Mrs Creed.

We have lots of fun in our classroom and love learning new things. We hope you enjoy our class page!

In Rabbit Class we are passionate about making learning fun! We strive to meet the needs of all our pupils by differentiating tasks and encouraging them to try new activities daily. Below are some photographs of our outside area, which we are continually adding to and improving to meet the needs of the children in Rabbit Class.


This is where we keep our messy wellies!

This is our outdoor Maths area. How high can you count?

This is our outdoor Physical Development area.

This is our outdoor sand area.

This is our outdoor investigation area. What will you find?

This is our outdoor construction area. What will you build?

This is our muddy kitchen area. Would you like to make a mud pie here?

This is our outdoor reading area. What book would you like to read here?

This is our outdoor stage area. What would you perform here?

This is our outdoor writing area. What will you write here?

This is our outdoor water area. There's lots of Maths and Science fun to be had here!

This is our digging area!


Rabbit Class Newsletter

Autumn Term


At the beginning of the new academic year and term, I would like to let you know some expectations and things that we shall be covering in class.  The children have enjoyed their first day in Rabbit Class. The staff that will be working with them in class are; Mrs de Souza (class teacher), Mrs Turner (LSA), and Mrs Creed (1:1 LSA). 


How to help your child at home

It is a school expectation that all children will read their reading books with their parents daily. As reception class are learning to read, you may want to pick out letter (sounds or names) and some key words. While your child is learning to read, it is OK for you to share their reading book with them and read it to them, discussing what is happening in the book. Your child will be supported in their phonic knowledge and early reading skills within class daily.

Your child will have access to books within the classroom. They will bring home a reading book to share with an adult and a library book that they can choose to look at at home.

We also have a brilliant partnership with Norfolk libraries and have a pop-up library where you can borrow library books if you have a library card. Please speak to the office if you would like to join or visit your local library. 

Pop-up library dates

- 22nd September 

- 17th November 

- 15th December 

It will also help your child if you play counting games with them and recognising numbers in everyday life (door numbers, car plate registrations, looking at prices, etc).



We shall be starting this term by learning about ‘The Circus’. We are looking forward to learning lots of exciting things throughout this topic.

We will be learning lots of new routines and what will be expected in class and around the school. Your child will be fully supported with this at school, please do encourage them at home also.


Home School Book

Your child has a small red book which can be used to communicate between home and school. Do not feel that you have to write in it, however if you need to let me know anything non-urgent, please use it. I will check them every day for messages.



Firstly, thank you to all the parents that have already returned the Tapestry permission slips. We’d like to encourage you to upload photos and observations of your child at home and out and about with you. This will show a variety of things that your child can do that we may not always be able to observe at school; this will enrich your child’s completed learning journal. If you have any difficulties with using Tapestry please do not hesitate to have a chat with me. 


WOW Moments

Something which we love to do in Rabbit Class is celebrate successes! We love to look for ‘WOW’ moments and we would like your help with this as well. I will send home a small bundle of WOW slips for you to complete as and when your child has a ‘WOW’ moment. This can be anything from; helping with the washing up, to adding numbers or writing in a birthday card. Please send them in as and when your child has a ‘WOW’ moment!


Ramble the Bear

We have a class bear that will be travelling home with a member of the Rabbit class each weekend. If you could encourage your child to mark-mark/write or draw what they have done with Ramble with a view to sharing their weekend with the rest of the class on Monday that would be fantastic!



If you would like your child to have a cup of milk each day, please speak to the office. The cost is 90p a week. 



Bookbags are great for keeping your child’s books and letters neat and tidy. if you would like to purchase a bookbag, please speak to the office. The cost is £3 per bookbag.


Uniform/PE kit

A gentle reminder that children’s uniform and PE kit needs to be labelled so that it doesn’t get muddled with other children’s when we get changed for PE.

We will be having PE sessions every Tuesday afternoon and children need:

• A white t-shirt/sweatshirt.

• Black shorts/jogging bottoms/leggings.

• Trainers and/or plimsolls.


We would recommend that wellies are brought in and kept at school for any activities, playtimes or trips we may go on. Again, please ensure that these are labelled.


Please could you also provide your child with a full change of clothes in case of any accidents.



Please provide your child with a labelled water bottle, we are able to refill it with drinking water at school. Please be aware that only water is drunk within class, not juices.


Thank you all for your support, I look forward to meeting you properly soon (if I haven’t already). If you would like to talk to me about anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at school and arrange to meet me after school.


Mrs de Souza :)


Click on the link below to see our timetable...

Timetable Autumn 2017


During the Autumn Term we are learning about the Circus! We have had a FANTASTIC trip out together where we have been able to learn some circus skills. We had a go at walking the tightrope, spinning plates, juggling and using a diabolo! It was very tricky!



Jolly Phonics!

In Rabbit Class we are learning and re-capping the 44 sounds in the English alphabet. These will help your child to be able to read and write, so it is very important that you help your child to learn these at home. 

You may like to take a look at the Jolly Phonics website to help you to support your child's learning at home.


Click below to find the link to all the Jolly Phonics actions from Group 1 to Group 7. 



School Rabbits!

Rabbit Class have been very excited because we have got two school rabbits. Below are some pictures of us enjoying looking after the rabbits. We are finding out how to hold them without hurting them, how to feed them and keep them clean and safe.



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