Pirates of the Curry Bean

'What a brilliant performance - from staff and children alike!

There are some seriously good performers in the school and I'm looking forward to the next big show!

Huge congratulations to everyone - who would have thought this was possible, back in January?

Onwards and upwards!'


'Can I just say how truly wonderful we thought the whole production was last night.

I have worked in schools for over ten yearrs and this is deinately the best performance I have seen. The singing was amazing. No one shouted yet it sounded like there was three times the number of people singing. Everyone knew their words and the costumnes, props and backdrops were excellent, and lovely to see the chilidren had made so many of them.

It was a delight to see the children so fond of the 'rat' and what a good sport Mr Coy is.

We enjoyed the entire show and as you said we are very proud of the part our own child had in the performance. Well done all.'


'I would like to congratulate you and everyone, pupils of year 5 and 6, Staff and Parents, who were involved in the musical play, "Pirates of the Curry Bean".

The acting and singing was excellent, very impressive for a  school production.I enjoyed the acting , singing and especially the humour.

Thank you all, well done.'



World Book Day

We are thrilled to see so many children and teachers taking part in dressing up for

World Book Day. Well done to all the parents who have helped their children get ready

for school today. There are some very creative costumes!


Extreme Reading Competition:

Some super photographs, and some very inventive parents! Winners announced early 

next week!